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Making of reel

This is a reel showing the process behind the work I did on the bachelor film ‘Væsen’. The film was made by Adrian Dexter, Birk von Brockdorff, Arnold Bagasha, Drude Mangaard, Mikkel V. Petersen and me during the final year of our bachelors degree at The Animation Workshop, Denmark. Yeah!!


Happy February! I’m trundling along happily at Tin Drum these days, as well as spending time expanding my illustration portfolio – good times! Working on a (hopefully) pretty website too, basically gearing up to enter the world of freelancing, it’s all rather exciting! Watch this spacey thing!


Hello! eeeh, it’s been a while! How are you? I’ll be posting a few bits and bobs from the past few months. We finished our bachelor film Væsen at the end of June, and it’ll be watchable online at the end of Jan, after we graduate. Right now I’m interning at the lovely Tin Drum Animation studio in Viborg, working on an beautiful 12 minute stop motion animated film called Home/Land which uses a technique somewhere between cut-out and puppet stop-mo. Super Sculpey relief jointed puppets with relief clay collage backgrounds – everything hand-made, I love it! 😀 That plus sewing in the evenings = Crafty Times!